CSV File of Census Tract Shapefile Data for Entire US

CSV File of Census Tract Shapefile Data for Entire US

I’ve seen this request a few times, and saw it again today. The Tableau web data connector I created for census tract shapefiles requires the user to pull the data state by state. How can someone get all states at once?

I looked at adding this through the normal interface, and I’m sure that would still be ideal, but I think the easiest route (for me) is to just export the entire dataset to one file that you can download and import into your Tableau workbook. That’s what I did.

If you want to down the entire US dataset in CSV (about 72MB), use the link below:


I hope this helps some of you. Cheers! – Mark

5 thoughts on “CSV File of Census Tract Shapefile Data for Entire US

  1. This could be user error on my part, but I tried downloading Albany County, New York census tract using the Tableau web connector and it didn’t work. So I tried downloading the enter file from your site and Albany County seems to be missing. What am I doing wrong?

    Here are some Albany County tracts:

    1. Hey Cathleen – I’ll check on the source data when I get a chance. It’s been a hectic week, sorry for the delay. Tracts do change over time occasionally, but that seems odd. I’ll let you know what I find this weekend.

  2. I’m hitting the excel size limit on the file of 70.4KB when I use the link. Is there another way to download it and avoid that limit? Thanks.

  3. Hi Mark! I found your posts about mapping census data very helpful! So thank you very much! I have been working with a dataset that needs to map census division but the shapefiles I downloaded from census doesn’t work well with Tableau. Where do I get the data you used in your post? Below is my data:

    Affgeoid Aland Awater Divisionce Geoid Geometry Lsad Name Number of Records
    0300000US1 1.62372E+11 24077657991 1 1 MULTIPOLYGON 69 New England 1
    0300000US2 2.5698E+11 26187669818 2 2 MULTIPOLYGON 69 Middle Atlantic 1
    0300000US3 6.29169E+11 1.51374E+11 3 3 MULTIPOLYGON 69 East North Central 1
    0300000US4 1.31471E+12 33016169355 4 4 MULTIPOLYGON 69 West North Central 1
    0300000US6 4.61769E+11 13266695205 6 6 MULTIPOLYGON 69 East South Central 1
    0300000US7 1.10098E+12 49100653265 7 7 MULTIPOLYGON 69 West South Central 1
    0300000US8 2.2165E+12 20112004302 8 8 POLYGON 69 Mountain 1
    0300000US5 6.86748E+11 72093251779 5 5 MULTIPOLYGON 69 South Atlantic 1
    0300000US9 2.31942E+12 3.28741E+11 9 9 MULTIPOLYGON 69 Pacific 1

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